Freedom to Cruise! You want to get around to see the 1,000’s of vendors, but have an achy knee or foot? You and your friends want to cover all the ground you possibly can? You might just want to have a relaxing day of drive-by shopping? Rent or reserve a scooter from us today!

These scooters are easy to ride and the battery lasts all day. You can rent or reserve as many as your group needs for a day, multiple days, or week. We can help you load your scooter up to take to Round Top, to shop there for the day, too. You are not too old or young (16+) to enjoy the freedom to cruise around.

Rental fees are just $50 per day — or $15 per hour.

Please call us at 512-963-8940 to reserve your scooter, or just drop by — no reservation required. Scooters are rented on a first come, first served basis.